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WCOG at ACG2017 Scientific Meeting

Throughout the WCOG at ACG2017 Scientific Meeting, faculty will present the latest in GI and hepatology and how to incorporate findings into patient care.  Hear experts share the latest clinical research when they present free papers/oral presentations during the plenary sessions. In addition, there will be several featured lectures by world-renowned experts that delve into deeper discussion on a specific topic. The WCOG at ACG2017 Scientific Meeting is still FREE for ACG members. Attend and earn CME and MOC.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 8:30 AM – 6:15 PM
6:00 am Registration
6:45 am Tuesday Optional Breakfast Sessions - Choose from 8

(You must register separately for breakfast sessions during the registration process.)

Breakfast Session E: Small Bowel Bleeding

  • Evaluation of the Patient With Suspected Small Bowel Bleeding
  • Management of Recurrent Small Bowel Bleeding: Endoscopic, Medical, or Surgical Therapy?
  • Therapeutic Efficacy of Radiographic Modalities to Control Small Bowel Bleeding

Breakfast Session F: All Things Pancreatitis

  • Pharmacologic and Endoscopic Strategies to Prevent Post-ERCP Pancreatitis
  • Diagnosis of Early Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Treatment of Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis

Breakfast Session G: Controversies in Barrett’s Esophagus

  • Barrett’s Esophagus: Screening and Surveillance
  • Cut, Burn, Freeze: What Is the Best Weapon for Dysplastic BE?
  • Should All Low-grade Dysplasia Get Ablative Therapy?

Breakfast Session H: Diverticular Disease: New Data and New Guidelines

  • SUDD and SCAD: Are They a ‘Thing’? Can We Treat Them?
  • Treatment and Prevention of Acute and Recurrent Diverticulitis
  • Diverticular (and Other) Lower GI Bleeding: New Guidelines

Breakfast Session I: Advances in IBD Diagnosis and Management: The Future Looks Like This

  • The Latest and Greatest in Small Bowel Imaging: X-rays, Ultrasounds, Capsule Endoscopy, and MRI
  • Endoscopic Management of Complications of Crohn’s Disease
  • Across the Globe: A Comparison of Practices for Surveillance and Management of Dysplasia in IBD

Breakfast Session J: Practice Optimization: Making the Most of a Good Thing!

  • Expanding the Healthcare Team: The Use of Non-physician Providers
  • Providing Access for Your Patients: Face-to-Face versus Remote Modalities
  • Setting up a Disease Management Program

Breakfast Session K: Hot Topics in Liver Disease

  • Current and Emerging Treatment Options for NASH: What You Can Do Now and What Is Coming in the Near Future
  • Management of Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Clinical Presentation and Management of DILI

Breakfast Session L: Management of Early Gastric Cancer and its Precursors  Q & A can be in English and Spanish

  • Surveillance and Screening Upper Endoscopy: What Can We Learn From the East?
  • Endoscopic Diagnosis and Management of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia
  • Management of Early Gastric Cancer: When and How
8:30 am Simultaneous Plenary Sessions 2
(Free Paper/Abstract Presentations)
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 2A
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 2B
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 2C: Best of WCOG – GI Topics  Presentado en Español
10:00 am Break
10:00 am Exhibit Hall Open
10:00 am Hands-on Endoscopy Workshop Center
10:10 am ACG’s J. Edward Berk Distinguished Lecture  Disponible en Español

John J. Vargo, II, MD, MPH, FACG ; Introduced by: Carol A. Burke, MD, FACG, ACG President

10:30 am Scientific Poster Session Open
10:45 am Break – Visit the Exhibit Hall and Browse Scientific Posters
10:45 am Exhibitor Theater
11:45 am Simultaneous Symposia Sessions

Simultaneous Symposium 3A: IBS – Global Issues

  • Epidemiology and Etiology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Around the World
  • ROME IV vs. Biomarkers: How Accurate Are Our Diagnostic Tools?
  • Bringing Eastern Therapies to the West

Simultaneous Symposium 3B: Clinical Dilemmas in IBD Management  Disponible en Español

  • Real Challenges in Real Patients: Cases in Crohn’s Disease
  • Real Challenges in Real Patients: Cases in Ulcerative Colitis
  • Managing Complications and Extra-intestinal Manifestations of IBD and Their Therapies

Simultaneous Symposium 3C: Pancreatic Cysts: Much Ado About Nothing?

  • Natural History of Pancreatic Cysts: What Becomes of Them?
  • EUS of Pancreatic Cysts: What’s New?
  • Another Pancreatic Cyst on CT: Which Guideline Should I Follow?

Simultaneous Symposium 3D: The Global State of Hepatitis B: 2017

  • Global Epidemiology of Hepatitis B: How Is it Acquired and How Can it Be Prevented?
  • Hepatitis B: Who Should Be Treated and With What?
  • Emerging and Future Therapies for Hepatitis B: Is a Cure on the Horizon?
1:00 pm Lunch Break – Visit Exhibit Hall and Browse Scientific Posters
1:00 pm Exhibitor Theater
1:15 pm Poster Session- Authors Present
1:50 pm Exhibitor Theater
2:30 pm   Simultaneous Plenary Sessions 3
(Free Paper/Abstract Presentations)
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 3A
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 3B
  • Simultaneous Plenary Session 3C: Best of WCOG – Liver Topics  Presentado en Español
3:30 pm Break
3:40 pm ACG’s Emily Couric Memorial Lecture

Mark B. Pochapin, MD, FACG; Introduced by: Carol A. Burke, MD, FACG, ACG President

3:40 pm WGO’s Brohee Lecture  Disponible en Español
4:10 pm Break – Visit Exhibit Hall and Browse Scientific Posters
5:00 pm Simultaneous Symposia Sessions

Simultaneous Symposium 4A: Progress Against Esophageal Cancer

  • Global Epidemiology of Esophageal Cancer
  • Early Detection of Esophageal Cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus: Recent Advances
  • Progress in the Treatment of Squamous Esophageal Dysplasia and Early-stage Cancer

Simultaneous Symposium 4B: C. difficile and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT):
The Beginnings of Therapeutic Microbiome Management

  • The Gut Microbiome and Gastrointestinal Disease: Current State of Knowledge
  • FMT for C. difficile: How to Do It and How We Are Doing
  • Microbiome Manipulation in IBD, IBS, and Other Disorders

Simultaneous Symposium 4C: Biologics for IBD - The End of an Era or Just the Beginning?

  • Innovator Biologic Therapy: Current and Emerging Biologics for IBD: When, Why, and How
  • Biosimilars: What Are They and How Will They Change the Way We Practice?
  • Small Molecules: Will Oral Therapy Be the Wave of the Future?

Simultaneous Symposium 4D: Management of Non-variceal Bleeding  Disponible en Español

  • I Injected, Clipped, and Burned It, But It Is Still Bleeding: What Do I Do Now?
  • Who Needs After-hours Endoscopy?
  • Management of Old and New Anti-thrombotic Agents Peri-endoscopy
6:15 pm WCOG at ACG2017 Annual Meeting Adjourns